Set of 3 Ford F350 Emblems based off of the 2017-2019 Style Lettering! These are similar to the F150 tailgate emblem that you would find on the 17+ F150 trucks, but have been custom designed for the F350 trucks to give your vehicle that custom, yet factory look. These emblems have a bright chrome plated finish, and measure 11" long x 1.75" tall. These emblems also come with a foam template to hold the lettering in place for proper spacing during installation. 

These also come with a self adhesive tape backing, so they will stick to any flat and smooth surface on your truck. These are a great way to give your vehicle a more modern / updated custom look!

Top Quality - Chromed ABS Emblem

Weather Resistant, ABS will NOT oxidize, rust or stain. Specifically made for Automotive use

Brand New, unscratched, sealed and PERFECT!!!

Emblem is NOT flexible because it is a THICK REAL BADGE and NOT just a thin sticker!

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